Air conditioning is an excellent way to counter the heat, but it is also a way to increase your electricity bills. Which is not much fun! The good thing is, there is a very easy solution which we are too blind to see sometimes, and it's ironically named Blinds. Indoor blinds and outdoor blinds are one of the best-kept secrets for reducing your electricity bills this summer. Keep reading, to find out how to keep cool in summer and not freak out when you see your power bills. 

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Blinds greatly reduce the amount of heat that enters your home 

Whilst it may be difficult to pinpoint an exact percentage due to different home styles, it is a given that the amount that blinds will save on your energy bill is very significant. This is because by reducing the amount of light and heat that enters your home, they highly regulate the internal temperature of your home. This leads to a reduced need to use the aircon and in some cases, you do not need to use it at all. Because air conditioning occupies a large chunk of your energy bill, your energy bill is basically your Aircon bill during summer, and having blinds will reduce it and leave you with some valuable spending money for the summer.

But Blinds also cost money?

This is a common question which we encounter, because if you spend money (buying and installing blinds) to save money (your aircon bill), doesn't it end up evens? This is a very valid question, and the answer is a resounding NO, the difference is very significant. The cost of purchasing and installing blinds is a small fraction to the amount you will save. This is due mainly to the cost of energy consumed by your aircon. We can also allude to the fact that you are able to use your blinds for multiple summers due to their high durability. So while the cost may seem significant at the beginning, it translates to huge savings over time. Some extreme summers in Australia have caused blackouts, and if this were to happen in Melbourne, without blinds, you will be condemned to a furnace. Therefore, whilst it is a rare occurrence, blinds are also immune to blackouts, making them more cost-effective.


If you are still blind to the fact that blinds offer a huge cut to your energy bill, the only solution is to buy them, install them, and become one of the thousands of Australians that are a testimony to the great value blinds bring to their financial health. There is no better proof than real people who have actually tried and tested this 'secret' and have never looked back since.