After a long week of work, two days of the weekend feels like heaven. However, when your parents or your wife gives you the list of the things that you have brought from the store, then that’s good enough to unleash the monster. People like me always ask that can’t I get a day where I can just lie on the bed and do nothing? I want to spend a day like this because after all these years, I was involved in lots of activities and I want to spend a day where nobody calls me for anything.

I seriously don’t like cleaning the room and windows because eventually, they are going to be same in the next few days, so what’s the use of cleaning them. But, my family members won’t listen. Last time, when this argument occurred, I called one of the best window cleaning service in Washington DC to clean the windows up. I was further informed that they also provide other services as well, like roof cleaning, garage cleaning, and house exterior cleaning. This is simply fantastic because now, my parents don’t have to yell at me for doing all these things. They can simply call these good people and get the job done in the best possible way.