Normally, in United States, they have two main classifications of crimes. Felony and misdemeanor, though out of these two the latter is fairly considered to be the less serious. Misdemeanor crimes are usually being distinguished from felony through determining the seriousness of the act. Though, this sometimes would vary from each state to another. With that, this article will focus on the cases of misdemeanor in Minnesota to provide ranges of clarifications about it.

For starters, Minnesota has classified this kind of crime into several branches they consider as category. Each of these has grounds covered and it is going to be discussed on those next few paragraphs. Additionally, it has its own sets of punishment depending on the severity so it all will be mentioned too.

Anyway, first category would be on gross misdemeanors. In Minnesota, they basically define this crime as something which causes some sort of disturbance or intimidation to the legislatures. For instance, it covers the situations wherein an assault to an officer has done, stalking or any sort of criminal neglect of any vulnerable adult.

This particular violation is punishable by a year or more in prison. If it is not that bad, then probably it could be resolved through a fine around three thousand dollars or more, that will always depend on the decision that was come up to. Though, in severe cases, the culprit would normally end up doing both fine and imprisonment.

Next category is misdemeanors wherein it covers car related violations. For example, driving intoxicated with alcohol or drugs as well as reckless driving minus any serious damages or injuries. Additionally, this covers assault which only is in fifth degree, cases of simple theft and trespassing.

Such crimes is also punishable by imprisonment but it would not normally last that long. Ninety days is the longest time the violator could stay in cell. Though, there are fines that may have to be paid too yet lower compared to the very first category. This one only is about one thousand dollars. But the possibility of fine as well as imprisonments is still right on top of the table.

Then last but not the very least is the petty misdemeanors which would include every single kind of traffic offense as well as other citations. This only is punishable by fine about three hundred dollars. There is no imprisonment but still if you think of the money you would have to pay, that still means a lot for other things.

Anyway, in Minnesota even the smallest violation you have committed can pretty much be a part of your criminal record permanently and you sure would not want any of that. Anywhere you go, the effect of those records on your name would follow you around since it stays on the database until you die.

Even if you think the punishments are not that heavy at all, you still should think thoroughly your actions before you get into trouble. I mean, when you apply for an apartment or a house, people would check how safe you are going to be around neighbors, sure you do not want them to pull up any criminal records that will boil down to rejection.