Even if you decorate your balcony with hanging plants, flowering plants and more, an ordinary-looking clothesline can bring a big impact on the good look of a balcony.

There are multiple choices of clothesline available in the market. You can take your right pick to suit your balcony. You can also get the best hills hoist clothesline installation services in Sydney.

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Pulley System

For people who have a small space in the balcony, this pulley system clothesline is a great choice. It can be attached to the ceiling and it operates with a pulley that brings down the clothesline for you to load and take clothes effortlessly. It requires installation. But with its space-saving design, it looks great on your balcony.

Floor Stand

This is a simple clothesline that stands on the floor upright holding all your clothes. This type of clothesline can be easily assembled and dismantled whenever required. So you need not have it on your balcony all the time. You can also use it inside your house on those rainy days.

Retractable clothesline

Ideal for tight balcony spaces, retractable clothesline saves space when not in use. It extends out of a metal holding box to a distant post and be retracted after use.

Apart from these different types of clothesline, you can also design your own clothesline to blend seamlessly with the balcony decor. Available in various designs, sizes, shapes, and materials, clothesline is easy ways to add a functional yet elegant look to your balcony.