You cannot be a good daycare teacher unless you had some kind of training for it, you know? No one can be a great anything or can teach anything unless they went through something that makes them so. So for all of you who planned to become some kind of teaching for kids, you better know that you will be on one of those training facilities first. It is essential before you get to be on daycare in Surrey BC.

Just like anything that makes you a teacher of some kind, you also need to be a lot more patient than what is required of you. You will in a class full of other people who look up to you and expect you to become better than all of them.

So not only do you have to be better at the materials, but you also have to become nice and a lot more patient, got it? what kind of teacher would you be if you cannot even do something as simple as be patient? Anyone can be patient.

Anyone can practically be a teacher if they so wish, but it takes a lot more than just that to become one, you have to have the knowledge of what you are teaching. And then you would need the patience of God because there are a lot of people who do not have the same brain capacity as you do.

There is going to be some people who are probably better than you, and that is okay because as much as are good at what we do, there is someone out there that is also better. That is fine, we can honestly live with that. But then there also are people that take a little more than just a few minutes to actually get what you are saying.

They cannot help this by the way. Some people are just born slower than the rest and that also is okay. Your job is to become patient and wait for him and adjust to his own slow pace. You are supposed to help him be better and it will not help if you get irritated.

No one is going to be happy in this situation if you all are pissed at each other. You forgetting all impatient about your student. Ad your student for being told he was hopeless when he had potential. You just got to wait for him to get it.

no one is really stupid. People are just different and the way they learn is also very much different. The only ones you can really call stupid are the lazy people. For they are the ones who refuse to learn and stay stagnant. That is what constitutes as stupid and retarded because it is by their own will to stay like that.

The ones who try hard in their life though, are the best ones out there. Not the ones who are naturally good, no. What is there to be impressed at of someone who has all of the good stuff? No, what is really impressive is someone who had nothing but because of hard work, actually became something.