All that you need to start a craft project is practice, patience, and knowing a few tips and tricks that can save your time and money.

First, you need a drill or press. Then use a 1/2 "diamond drill and place the block on a hard surface! If you are looking for creative glass paradise then you can browse

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Use water as a lubricant (or certain oils or even edible oil!) It is a wise precaution to wear safety equipment: glasses to protect the eyes, ear protection and also a breathing mask to avoid breathing glass dust.

You might need to practice with a drill. Remember to be very patient, use the drill very slowly and without putting much pressure. One of the main problems after making a hole in glass dust that tends to remain inside the block.

There are many ways you can use to remove it, but it is best to wash the block with warm water (without soap) immediately after the hole is made. Rinse the block carefully and let it dry for several days.

Now the creative part of the work can begin: One of the simplest but most effective ideas is to wrap a beautiful ribbon around it and make a beautiful big bow at the top of the glass beam. If this is what you are looking for, put lights inside the block.