Zumba is a great workout for anyone who enjoys a good workout but is normally bored with the typical gym session. I know that when I go to the gym, I train for about 20 minutes, then I get bored, I like to be motivated, to listen to good music and to make sure my whole body is well trained.

When I heard about Zumba for the first time, I thought it would be the perfect way to get in shape and I was right. I tried and loved it, I had a full workout and the class went on in no time. I worked for an hour with just a short break and did not even feel like exercising.

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If you want to try Zumba, you can attend a class, or if you are a little embarrassed, you can simply do your zumba exercises at home using a Zumba DVD. The Zumba DVD kit comes with 6 DVD and zumba sticks.

Toning sticks for zumba are used to increase the intensity of training. If you think you're getting a good zumba workout, wait until you train for one hour with the zumba toning sticks.

Zumba toning sticks are lightweight and can emit the sound of samba balls when you are moving, allowing you to form specific areas of your body. In addition, these lightweight Zumba toning sticks will keep you running your Zumba stages while burning more calories.