You finally felt like you are free to do whatever you like. You just have to focus on getting a degree in college and your future will be bright. But one day you realized that you need a companion. You decided to have a dog but allergies are hindering you. Worrying will be gone. There are hypoallergenic dogs for you.

A survey said that an estimated number of nine hundred million dogs around the world. Considering this number, we should not have any concern at all. Having a pet is not a problem but having allergies is. The good thing is that there are ones like poodle, Portuguese water dog, Maltese and the Afghan hound which do not stimulate allergies.

Allergies in humans are highly responsive to dander that is attached to the coat of animals. When you see yourself wheezing and sneezing after playing or patting a pet, you might be allergic. These are only few symptoms that are caused by our lovable, hairy friends at home.

One of the advantages that people get from the following pets is that they shed less. These dogs have hair instead of fur. This makes them shed lesser compared to others. They also do not shower us with dander because they have lesser or maybe none.

The fact that their hair strands fall not as often is a great advantage especially for those who are busy and cannot clean their house regularly. Whether you like it or not, fur that stick around the house makes it smell like our dog. This happens legitimately. But with these amazing breeds, your house is free from odor and smell. As a matter of fact, those people who have no allergies still choose hypoallergenic dog for this very reason.

Aside from the hair and fur, another reason why dogs are believed to stimulate allergic attacks is because of its saliva. They inevitably salivate anytime and anywhere. According to researchers, saliva is where bacteria gather which causes the reaction in our bodies. But the listed above are proven to salivate lesser that the other breeds. This means that they cannot invigorate reactants.

These dogs are not only good for you but for everybody. Those who share the same struggle with you will not hesitate to pat your pet because they know that they are safe. Going to parties with your dog will be very possible now, too. You will not feel guilty seeing fur or hair on the floors because yours do not shed much. This does not only enhance your health but your social life as well.

Perhaps one primary reason as to why you are reading this right now is because you want make sure of your safety. Well, be assured that these cute and amazing pets are not hazardous to your health. The results above have already been proven and tested. Not deciding now may be too late, later.

It has been said that people who live alone most of their lives have lower lifespan. They also miss benefits such as improved heart health, reduced stress, loosed weight and improved social life. There are more things that we can experience if we only decide to open our hearts and homes to these loving creatures. Now, that you know your allergies cannot stop you, it definitely is high time to have one for yourself.