Basic Steps for Making Glass Painting:

1. After getting the glass pieces and painting kit, clean the glass to get a smooth surface.

2. If your oven won't cure your finished painting then you need a rather rough surface. Burning in the kiln can help the oil paint dry and stick better because the paint tends to peel or break.

This can be overcome by slightly drying the surface with wet or dry sandpaper. Changing the surface in this way will help the paint to stick better and last longer. You can checkout glassline metallic copper fusing paint online.

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3. Choose patterns that have clear outlines with minimum curves and sharp angles.

4. Trace the pattern on a sheet of paper that is exactly the size of the piece of glass. The pattern should be drawn right in the middle with at least 1 or 1-1 /2-inch margins on all sides.

5. Store the glass on a patterned paper that is in perfect harmony.

6. Make pattern lines on the glass with the help of a glass liner. Use a black glass liner for maximum clarity. This border helps to retain the wet colours in it and avoid paint spills.

7. When doing all this, be careful not to mess up the pattern. However, if that happens, wipe the dirty part with a cotton swab dipped in a nail polish remover and wipe with a piece of cloth.