Many people are faced with financial issues nowadays that seem impossible to solve. However, there is the always present solution of filing for bankruptcy that will get you out of the financial dilemma.

In order to do this effectively and not risk losing all your precious assets, you will need to hire the services of a good bankruptcy attorney. If you are the victim of identity theft then you can hire the best white collar solicitor in San Francisco.

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This type of lawyer is responsible for assisting you in all the financial documents you need to provide for bankruptcy and guide you through all the court proceedings. There are two choices available to you when filing for bankruptcy; the first one is to let the court assign a lawyer to you, and the second one is to hire your personal bankruptcy attorney.

The latter option is more suitable for those who are already familiar with some of the best bankruptcy lawyers in their vicinity and feel that they can communicate their needs in a better way if they appoint the lawyer themselves.

Regardless of which option you choose to go for when it comes to selecting a bankruptcy attorney, you will need to ask some essential questions to the lawyer before hiring him. If you are living in a place like San Francisco, a bankruptcy attorney would be even harder to find with a large number of these in the town.