Scoliosis exercises are designed to correct curvature of the spine or laterally. The opinion is still divided in the medical world about the cause of the condition. Some theories state nutrition or environmental problems, recently some consider the cause to be a defective gene. If you are looking for scoliosis treatment in Singapore then consult Dr. Kevin Lau-

However, regardless of the cause, there are many studies that show that people with scoliosis can benefit from sports and activities such as yoga.

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Regardless of your condition, you have habits that determine how you stand, sit, and move. The curve in your spine will condition your muscles to behave in a certain way. After you finish exercising, it's important not to go back to your usual habits and use your muscles in the same way.

Posture correction exercises do not always change your posture for good. While it is beneficial to be aware of your posture, you should check that you are not trying to sit and stand tall using excessive muscle tension. Trying to stand tall in the old military style will add pressure to your spine.

The procedure below will help you determine if you have a downward spiral. Before you begin, it's important to recognize that when gravity pulls us down, there are equal and opposite reactions that push back.

This procedure will help you release unnecessary grips, habit patterns, and will release stress on your spine.