Advisory services are required to certify that a corporate organization runs proficiently through operational management of financial and other assets.

It also restores old companies and poorly units and monitors prevailing units.  If you're looking for business advisor then you can browse

The advisory services symbolize an essential module of the portfolio of the activities of merchant bankers. For a business organization, corporate advisory services include the following:

  • Provide oversight in areas of modification based on the Government's economic and licensing plans.
  • Evaluating product lines and scrutinizing their growth and productivity.
  • Anticipating future inclinations, and hammering old companies and sick units by assessing their technologies and approaches and reforming their funding base.

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A step to assist the bad units is a fantastic thought by the merchant bankers that remained unattended for long decades.

Now, the merchant banks have recognized this gap and have begun providing help to the sick units to come out of their own problems

Assigning of diagnostic studies

Valuation of renewal prospects and preparation of recovery strategies, schemes of modification and renovation, refurbishing of the fiscal structure,

Caring for rehab schemes

The services which are provided by merchant banks into the corporate world are not all covered by the corporate advisory services.

For each and every new issue, there would be a requirement of new company advice which will result in new advisory solutions to solve the issues.