Talcum powder is usually known as body powder or baby powder. It is a common cosmetic product, used for personal hygiene and has many multiple uses.

Powder made from a mineral named hydrous magnesium silicate, which is crushed, dried up and then pounded. Powder absorbs moisture and reduces friction, and thus protecting the skin. You can also know more about talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit and can file the lawsuit for the compensation.

For generations, the powder used by all women, and is assumed to be a harmless and soothing product. Mother dust baby's bottom with talcum powder and consider it as an effective way to treat diaper rash and other minor irritations.

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Skincare product manufacturers also put some smooth substance in face powder, eye shadow, blush, and other products. 

In general, the powder is used to reduce diaper rash and irritation in infants and toddlers. But this practice is dangerous. This could result in inhalation of large amounts of powder, causing acute or chronic lung irritation, known as talcosis.

According to a study, “in 1971 the first warning of the dangers of genital talc appeared ". A report produced by the identification of the powder particles in ovarian cancer.

This warning was confirmed in a 1992 publication in Obstetrics & Gynecology reported that women often use talcum powder on her genitals to increase the risk of ovarian cancer.