Repairing the foundation walls can be a serious business if the strength of the wall get disrupted by frost, excessive water pressure, physical damage or other outside forces. The type of foundation also determines how improvements approachable.
 For example, if the walls are bent may need to be removed and replaced with a new rock. It is not an easy task and should be best left to the pros. You can also opt for parging repair in Edmonton at

Digging around the foundation is a tricky business so be sure to avoid the abuse of sewer or gas lines and electrical lines. Poor method of backfilling the foundation may have caused the walls to bow.
Concrete foundation forms are available for rent but again generally pro job. Wet concrete will help prevent the existing wall from absorbing all the water in the new mortar too fast. Lightweight foundation cracks can easily be handled. 
New mortar dry out too quickly can cause your repair to fail or shrink away from the newly patched area makes all your work useless. If the cracks are very thin, the use of ready-made polymer sealant gun asleep may be in order. 
Put a lot of pressure on the gun to ensure that slept walked all the way to the bottom of the crack or cut. Stay neat too. Always use proper eye and ear protection as well as the use of dust masks.