Your wardrobe is a treasure trove. It is natural to feel uneasy when you have to throw away a favorite woolen muffler that your boyfriend gifted five winters back.

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Here are some tips to help you sort out the clutter in your closet:

Give some time to the wardrobe:

Are you getting scared of the jumble inside your wardrobe? Spend at least half an hour in a week to go through your closet. Keep the clothes that you are likely to wear in the closet. Bring out the remaining clothes.

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Now, decide which ones can be given to a younger cousin or donated for charity. Keep them separately. Throw out the rest.

Use as a shoe rack:

Bring out all the unnecessary stuff from the lowest shelf and keep the required things in some other shelf. Empty the bottom shelf. Make it home for the exotic shoes that you wear only to parties.

How to arrange clothes:

Keep the things you frequently wear close by and the clothes that you rarely put on, at the back of the shelf.

Use a light:

In case you own a walk-in wardrobe; are you afraid to walk into it? Come on, there is no ghost inside it. Still, afraid? Get a light bulb and fix it somewhere inside. But, make sure that the light reaches all corners of the wardrobe.

Clothes in between:

If you own a pair of jeans, that you think is neither dirty enough to be washed nor that clean to be kept inside the closet, keep it on a chair or on a separate table.