If ever you feel the need to try something new out for yourself, then you might as well go the mile and try out something along the lines of fighting. No, not actual ones where you go into the streets and beat up some random dude like some beast of a thug. No, we are talking about something else, like martial arts or tai chi. Well, maybe the latter is not really for fighting but more of a yoga type of thing. Who knows if you actually have the talent for it. Go ahead and try out NJ Qigong.

Since this a Chinese martial art, allow us to explain what it really is. Qi Gong is a physical exercise where you have to control your breathing while doing some stretching and other movements that you will learn. As soon as you enroll yourself in a class, that is.

It is a holistic system where movement and posture is coordinated in your body. You may have to master it so you can get the results of what you wanted though. As is any type of exercise or hobby, of course.

Breathing and meditating is also in this. They focus more on health and spirituality. Like a martial arts kind of training. You may need to really enroll yourself into this first so you can get what you want. Like flexibility and the health that you have been craving for. And while this is a little out there than what your doctor may have been suggesting, it is still a lot better than what you wanted to do.

Who wants to run and sweat all that much anyway? We certainly do not. This is a lot better, trust us. At least you can brag to your friends that you have been trying out a form of martial art and that you could practically be Jackie Chan now.

Now THAT is a goal to be. And once you have mastered this, you could move on to a better one where your training can be improved some more. After all, there is nowhere to go but up from her eon out.

It is also a little bit of a challenge for you now that you are a master ar QI Gong. You might as well go the mile and take something out of the training that endured for yourself because you get to have some bragging rights about this type of exercise. Besides, would you rather jog every morning before school or work?

And sweat all of that fat out and be disgusting? Probably be heaving in stitches once you are done too. That is what happens in a traditional exercise. And while that is really healthy, it might not be for you. It certainly was not for us even when we tried it.

And while we have never actually tried this Qi Gong before, what? It would probably be a lot better than the other alternative. The one where we have to do some jogging of sit ups. Ugh, just thinking about it makes us wheeze already.