There are many people around the world who have considered getting their teeth whitened. You should have badly stained teeth to get professional treatment. If you just want to keep your teeth looking good and little whiter, you can use tooth whitening gel products.

It can be used from the comfort of your home and products ranging from toothpaste with gel, pen and kit homes. To whiten your teeth, you can also consider "Teeth whitening at home – kits, gels" (which is also known as "Hammaste valgendamine kodus – komplektid, geelid" in the Estonian language).

Home Kit

Most home kits for teeth whitening has a special gel that comes with it. This gel is based on hydrogen peroxide to provide a bleaching effect on the teeth. You will have to wear special rubber guard they give so that the mouth and gums are not affected by the peroxide.

This kit works a bit faster than other products, though you have to use it continuously for a period of time to see changes in the color of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Gel

You can also get a gel that you do not leave it on. They only applied once or twice during the day and you can continue with your daily tasks.

You may find that this is not effective, because they are not given a long period of time to work, but you will see some changes after a while. This product will help you to keep your teeth from getting more yellow and may also help to keep your new teeth bleached white.